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Campaign video for lamp Left winning candidate Alexis Hermosillo for Mayor of El Mirage.

Bartolomé Martínez was separated from his three-year-old son, Jonathan, after crossing the border near El Paso, Texas in late May. The two were seeking asylum from gang violence in Honduras. Martínez was detained in Texas, while Jonathan was taken to a shelter in Arizona. On July 10, after 44 days apart, they were reunited. Reported and filmed by Alonso Parra of Lamp Left Media

Lamp Left Media is a full service video production company in Phoenix Arizona Camera/Edit Alonso Parra www.lampLeft.com Alonso@LampLeft.com

Filmed & Directed by Alonso Parra.

DESPITE being born with a rare condition that attacked his lower spine - Ernie Ibarra continues to father two children and live his life to the full. Ernie, 30, was born with Caudal Regression Syndrome, otherwise known as Sacral Agenesis.

A Lamp Left Media Production Produced by: Alonso Parra alonso@lampleft.com


Phoenix video production company Lamp Left Media produced this tv ad for Ybarra Maldonado Law group during sweeps week Camera Operator & Editor: Alonso Parra LampLeft.com

While schools punish minority students and students with disabilities more than their white counterparts, the ACLU fights back ~ a Lamp Left Media production filmed by: Alonso Parra Edited by: Alonso Parra

Mary Kim Titla's 2010 Chairwoman commercial. Lamp left Media Phoenix based video production company creating documentary content in Arizona.

Production Company: Lamp Left Media Producer/Director: Alonso Parra 

Filmed & Directed by Alonso Parra.

A WOMAN suffering with a rare condition which makes her body burn from the inside out is raising awareness of the 'suicide disease.' After crushing her hand in a car door, Kayla Hansen from Arizona, was worried she might have to take some days off from her job as a restaurant manager - but it changed her life forever.

Phoenix Arizona video production company specializing in Political Digital strategy LampLeft.com

A Lamp Left Media concept 

Lamp Left Media provided the camera Operator and Grip / Electric for this video production, Lamp Left Media is an Arizona Based video production company

A lamp Left Media Production Full service video production company and campaign strategy Lampleft.com

Francisco Chairez, who spent a year in one of Maricopa County's notorious tent jails, says President Trump's pardon of former sheriff Joe Arpaio is unfair to people like him who paid their debt to society. videography: Alonso Parra

A Lamp Left Media Production Filmed/Edited by Alonso Parra alonso@lampleft.com 

A Lamp Left Media Production

Director of Photography: Alonso Parra

Edit:Alonso Parra alonso@LampLeft.com

A Lamp Left Media Production Filmed/Edited by Alonso Parra alonso@lampleft.com

Lamp Left Media created a dynamic visual message with client, Tony Navarrete with this video production, bringing awareness to the 2016 Elections, Video content filmed and Edited in Phoenix Arizona 

Phoenix Camera Operator Alonso Parra filmed and produced this spot for IntraHealth International

Lamp Left Media produced this spot for Arizona Lottery, Phoenix based video production company

Was the Director of Photography on this Arizona lottery digital video campaign 

The Arizona State Fair October 7-30

Filmed and edited by: Alonso Parra / Lamp Left Media Alonso@LampLeft.com Phoenix video production services 

Phoenix Arizona based full service Digital media & video production company & freelance Camera Operator available across Arizona & nationwide.

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