Lamp left media  is a Phoenix based full service video production agency, we conceive visual campaigns  for partners that advocate the well being of society

Francisco Chairez, who spent a year in one of Maricopa County's notorious tent jails, says President Trump's pardon of former sheriff Joe Arpaio is unfair to people like him who paid their debt to society. videography: Alonso Parra

While schools punish minority students and students with disabilities more than their white counterparts, the ACLU fights back ~ a Lamp Left Media production filmed by: Alonso Parra Edited by: Alonso Parra
A Lamp Left Media Production Produced by: Alonso Parra

Mary Kim Titla's 2010 Chairwoman commercial. Lamp left Media Phoenix based video production company creating documentary content in Arizona.

Production Company: Lamp Left Media Producer/Director: Alonso Parra 

Lamp Left Media created a dynamic visual message with client, Tony Navarrete with this video production, bringing awareness to the 2016 Elections, Video content filmed and Edited in Phoenix Arizona 

A Lamp Left Media concept 

A Lamp Left Media Production Filmed/Edited by Alonso Parra 

A Lamp Left Media Production Filmed/Edited by Alonso Parra

Was the Director of Photography on this Arizona lottery digital video campaign 

I worked as the Second AC on this television spot for The Arizona State Lottery, the commercial video production filmed throughout Arizona 

The Arizona State Fair October 7-30

Filmed and edited by: Alonso Parra / Lamp Left Media Phoenix video production services 

Had the pleasure of Gaffing this national tv spot for Grand Canyon University 

A Lamp Left Media Production

Director of Photography: Alonso Parra

Edit:Alonso Parra

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